Our commitment to coffee-growing communities

Since our earliest days we have been committed to supporting the communities we serve, including our coffee-growing communities. That’s why across Europe we are partnering with Send a Cow, supporting rural communities across East Africa with livestock, as well as essential skills and tools.


So why cows?

For the rural communities in East Africa, owning a cow is a very important means of supporting their families. The cows not only provide nourishing milk, but excess milk can be sold to help raise money, and pay for schooling. On top of that, the manure produced can be used to fertilise the land, helping to provide better agricultural yields of coffee and other crops.

The not for profit organisation Send a Cow also supports these communities through education and training in agricultural techniques, animal care, nutrition, soil and water conservation, and gender equality and hygiene.




Our commitment

In 2017 Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has committed to donating £250,000 to Send a Cow. We are donating 50p* to Send a Cow from every purchase of a range of at home Starbucks coffee sold in stores including whole bean coffees, espresso capsules and VIA, from 27th July 2017 to 6th September 2017. Customers will also see our Send a Cow partnership displayed on Starbucks Chilled Classics range of chilled coffees, found in supermarket or local convenience stores.

Our partnership will work directly with over 3,000 people, helping families to break out of the poverty cycle.

*to a maximum value of £100,000.

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Did you know?

  • £650 provides one farming family with a cow, support and training.

  • A single cow can produce 3,000 litres of milk per year – giving children the nutrition they need as well as allowing communities to sell it on at markets for profit.

  • The cow’s manure improves soil fertility – helping to grow better crops.


Starbucks commitment to ethically sourced coffee

Giving back to communities begins when we source our coffee, and Starbucks is proud to have already reached the milestone of 99% certified ethically sourced coffee - we are working hard to get to that last one per cent.

The cornerstone of our approach is Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices, one of the coffee industry’s first set of sustainability standards, verified by third-party experts.

C.A.F.E. Practices is a set of sustainability standards which are designed to help farmers grow coffee in a way that’s better for both people and the planet. Over a million coffee farmers on four continents have benefitted from the programme.


What we do

  • We work with around 30,000 farmers across 30 countries - in total Starbucks has invested more than $100 million in supporting coffee communities.

  • To improve productivity and sustainability, we share our research and resources through our Farmer Support Centres—located in eight coffee-producing countries around the world from Indonesia to Mexico – and with this global network, we aim to train 200,000 coffee farmers by 2020.

  • The Starbucks Global Farmer Fund is a $50 million commitment to provide financing to coffee farmers - through these loans, farmers have the ability to support agronomy, restoration and infrastructure improvements.


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